Reference Code: MAGOHP/51/ANON
Oral History of: Philomena
Pseudonym? Yes
Status: Survivor
Date of interview:  22nd August 2013
Also present at interview: Lou (interviewee’s daughter). See MAGOHP/54/ANON for separate interview with Lou (not yet available online).
Link to Transcript: MAGOHP51_ANON
Link to Audio File(s): Not yet available
Link to Records/Papers: None available
Interviewer:   Dr Sinéad Pembroke
Mount Saint Vincent Orphanage, Limerick; Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry, Limerick; Sisters of Charity Magdalene Laundry, Peacock Lane; Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry, Sundays Well; Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry New Ross; Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry, Waterford; Marianvale Mother and Baby Home, Newry; separation of family members; sexual assault; lack of education; literacy issues; auxiliaries; Irish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children Inspector; Child of Mary; hunger strike; rebelliousness; rule of silence; adoption; lack of informed consent; forced adoption; mental illness; alcoholism.

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