Martina Keogh

Reference Code: MAGOHP44
Oral History of: Martina Keogh
Pseudonym? No
Status: Survivor
Date of interview:  5th March 2013
Link to Transcript: MAGOHP_44
Link to Audio File(s): Not yet available
Link to Records/Papers: Interviewee deposited a number of items which are not yet available
Interviewer:   Dr Katherine O’Donnell

Sisters of Our Lady of Charity Magdalene Laundry, Seán MacDermott Street; love of animals; stigma of unmarried motherhood; sex work; St Joseph’s Industrial School, Kilkenny; St Patrick’s Mother and Baby Home, Navan Road; St Kevin’s Hospital; tenement houses; sexual abuse; St Joseph’s Industrial School, Clifden; Residential Institutions Redress Board (RIRB); impact of RIRB; St Mary’s Industrial School, Lakelands; Cheeverstown Convalescence Home; St Anne’s Reformatory, Kilmacud; Magdalene Laundry as alternative to prison or remand; institutionalisation in older Magdalene women; Inter-Departmental Committee to establish the facts of State involvement in the Magdalen Laundries; forced adoption and family separation; lack of education; literacy issues; Magdalene ex gratia scheme; church involvement in education and social services; Ruhama; impact of family separation; stigma of illegitimacy; horizontal violence in laundries; deaths in Magdalene Laundries.

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