Angelina Mayfield

Reference Code: MAGOHP/49/ANON
Oral History of: Angelina Mayfield
Pseudonym? Yes
Status: Survivor
Date of interview:  15th May 2013
Link to Transcript: MAGOHP49_Angelina Mayfield_ANON
Link to Audio File(s): Not yet available
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MAGOHP49_Contemporary Records

MAGOHP49_RIRB Supplementary Statement

MAGOHP49_RIRB Statement

MAGOHP49_RIRB Correspondence & Records

MAGOHP49_Psychiatric Report for RIRB

Interviewer:   Prof Katherine O’Donnell
Sisters of Our Lady of Charity Magdalene Laundry, High Park, Drumcondra; Good Shepherd Magdalene Laundry, Limerick; An Grianán Training Centre, High Park; St. Dominick’s Industrial School for Girls; Good Shepherd Marycrest Hostel, Limerick; St Michael’s Industrial School, Cappoquin; Waterford County Home; inter-generational incarceration in institutions; solitary confinement; sexual abuse; class hierarchies among religious sisters; psychiatric medications; institutionalisation; suicide; escape attempts; solitary confinement; food deprivation; Residential Institutions Redress Board (RIRB); non-conformity and rebelliousness; working in Magdalene Laundry for keep at Good Shepherd hostel; funerals at High Park Convent; homelessness; emigration; working as a dominatrix; alter-ego as means of coping; vaccine trials; concern for vulnerable people and animals; family estrangement due to industrial schools and laundries; Section 28 (6) of Residential Institutions Redress Act, 2002.

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