SASCA Survey

Professionals invited to participate in online survey on institutional abuse

JFMR and Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) have partnered with a number of organisations from Italy, Greece and Romania on SASCA (Support to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in institutional settings), an EU funded project addressing the problem of child abuse in institutional settings, particularly in residential care, from the perspective of adult survivors. The project aims to understand the long terms effects of such events; how and if the survivors of these crimes may find protection and compensation in the existing legal framework; and how their experience may enlighten prevention strategy for the protection of children living today in residential care.

We are seeking Irish participants for an online survey which focuses on assessing professionals’ perceptions of institutional abuse. We wish to hear from people who have previously worked (or are working) in care professions (eg, social workers, social care workers, counsellors, psychologists, family support workers, GPs, etc.).

The SASCA project has been funded by the European Commission as part of the Joint Justice and Daphne call for actions grants supporting national or transnational projects to enhance the rights of victims of crime/victims of violence (SACSA – Support to Adult Survivors of Child Abuse in institutional settings – JUST/2015/SPOB/AG/VICT).

Please note that the survey concentrates on professionals’ assessment and knowledge of institutional abuse and does not ask for personal details or provide descriptive details of abuse. However, if any of the questions trigger negative or difficult reactions, there is an information page of Irish counselling services on the last page of the survey.

The survey can be accessed at the following link: