JFMR Planning Submissions

High Park

JFMR’s submissions in relation to property developments at the site of the former Magdalene Laundry at High Park are available below. A detailed account of the events surrounding the exhumation of 155 women from St Mary’s Graveyard, High Park is available in Chapter Eight of our recently published book Ireland and the Magdalene Laundries: A Campaign for Justice. Source materials are available on this website at the following page: http://jfmresearch.com/bookarchive/.

(Case Reference numbers are provided below to enable readers to locate other documents relating to these planning applications.)

20th September 2021: JFMR Statement Re: Development at the site of the former Magdalene Laundry at High Park

(JFMR was approached by The Times newspaper for a comment in relation to this article.)

JFM Research Statement Re High Park_20-09-21

9th July 2021: JFMR Letter to Bennett Construction (An Bord Pleanála Case Reference: PL29N.306721)

JFMR Letter to Bennett Construction_09-07-21_Public

In our letter of 9th July 2021, JFMR raised concerns about the possibility of further human remains that may be still interred at the site where St Mary’s Graveyard once stood. In particular, we were concerned that the southern end of the site had not been adequately examined for evidence of human remains (see pages 4-7 of our letter). On 9th July, the developer responded to our letter stating that:

In relation to the previous dig noted – in our review of the documents which were available to us during the tender process, we also felt there was an area which the previous dig did not fully address to the southern end of the car park.
Through IAC, we applied for a licence and carried out further investigations in April of 2021.
IAC will also have a watching brief during any planned excavations.

The IAC Archaeology Report is available here. The developer has assured JFMR that an archaeologist will be present for the entirety of any excavations on the site.

Previous submissions in relation to developments at High Park

18th August 2020: Supplementary Submission to An Bord Pleanála Re: Lands at Bonnington Hotel (Case References: PL29N.306721; PL29N.307366)

JFMR submitted this report to An Bord Pleanála as new information had come to light regarding the possibility of further human remains at the site. This submission was not accepted by An Bord Pleanála as the date for submissions had passed. On 21 September 2020, An Bord Pleanála granted permission for the development but stipulated that the developer must ‘facilitate the preservation, recording and protection of archaeological materials . . . to secure the preservation and protection of any remains that may exist within the site’.

JFMR Submission to An Bord Pleanala_18-08-2020

13th March 2020: JFMR Submission to An Bord Pleanála Re: Lands at Bonnington Hotel, Case Reference: PL29N.306721

Correction: This submission states that this development is being directed by Liffeyfield Ltd., which  is incorrect. The site is being developed by  Roseberry Developments.

JFMR Submission to An Bord Pleanala_03-2020_Public

JFMR Letter to An Bord Pleanala_13-03-2020

18th January 2020: JFMR Letter to Dublin City Council  Re: Planning Reference 4198/19, Proposed Development at the Bonnington Hotel

JFMR Letter to DCC re Bonnington Development

sundays well

JFMR Submission to Cork City Council Re Development at Sundays Well.
Application Reference: 1737279

JFMR Submission to Cork City Council Re Sundays Well_Public


JFMR Submission to Dublin City Council Re Development at Donnybrook. Application Reference:  3621/16

JFMR Submission to DCC Re Donnybrook_Public